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I love my Kindle

I bought my first Kindle over 10 years ago. It was tall, and had a physical keyboard. Since then, I have bought many more: for family as gifts, and for myself because the kids kept stealing mine. And I absolutely love these things.

Single purpose

The Kindle is for reading. If you see me staring at it, I’m reading a book. I’m not drowning in some infinity pool. The size of it, the screen, the typography, the resolution, the back light, the battery life; all of it serves that one purpose: to sit and read.

Old books

I love old books. And old books are often hard to find, or expensive. But you can find out-of-print books for free online. Monergism is my favourite.

Create you own content

The epub format is open, and relatively easy to deal with. Tools like pandoc allow you to produce ebooks quickly and easily. You can grab some plain text, be it markdown or whatever, and create an ebook in no time. I have even contributed a few books to Monergism myself.

Plain text highlights

Your highlights, and notes are saved in a plain text file on the device. You can use something like kindle-highlight-parser to process these, and even import them into your digital zettelkasten.


Everything works offline. You can side load your files. I hardly use the Amazon store because I prefer old books.

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