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One book per week

I don’t think the book/year metric is very useful.

A few years ago, I tried to read one book per week. It’s totally manageable if you read modern fluffy self-help books or short novels. After a few months, I realized that my desire to read one book per week was keeping me from reading the books I wanted to read because I was always choosing short, and easy books. I never started on larger, more difficult books because there’s absolutely no way I could finish those in a week.

Maybe number of pages?

But one page of John Owen is very different than one page of a summer novel. Also, you don’t skim novels but you have to skim academic writing. If you skimmed a book, found the relevant arguments, and new-to-you information, did you read it or not?

My conclusion from this is that it’s not very useful to measure, or try to compare with others how much one reads based on numbers. I like to read a lot, and widely, and write down what I have read. I’m happy to stop there for now.

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