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How to save hundreds of dollars on theology books

We, as theology nerds, love our books. Especially by authors who have long passed on to glory. And who wouldn’t want to save some money?

Here is what you do:

Step 1: Buy an Amazon Kindle

The base model is $79. You can find it on sale during the usual sale events. Or, for a more comfortable reading experience, you can go for the Paperwhite, which is about twice as much. Both are excellent options. The advantage of the Paperwhite is the backlight, and the higher screen resolution.

Step 2: Acquire books

Head over to Monergism’s huge list of free theology ebooks. Scroll through the list, find something you like, download it to your Kindle.

Step 3: Profit

If there are 400 books, and if you downloaded each one, and if the printed paper copy cost at least $1 (which it probably costs a lot more), you are saving at least $300.

If we assume that each book on the list has an average price of $30, you are saving about $12,000.

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