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DjangoCon 2011 Take-Aways

My employer, SheepDogInc, sent me and a colleague of mine to DjangoCon 2011. It was my first developer conference and I had a blast. Here a few quick points about what the conference has clarified for me.

Deploying Django

Despite the Django official documentation’s recommendation to use Apache and mod_wsgi, most people seem to deploy Django with nginx and gunicorn. This has been a pleasant surprise to me because I like it but though that it was too simple (or less robust than Apache).

Provisioning servers

It seemed that everybody was talking about Chef and automatic deployments. Instead of manually connecting to a server via ssh, you can run one command which will install all the necessary packages for your application (nginx, postgresql, etc) and configure them. It makes the whole process less error-prone. Also, you’re more likely to spin up a new VM on your development machine to try things out because you don’t have to thing about setting it up. Especially with tools like vagrant, it’s dead easy.

Pronouncing things

When you read names of technical products, you can’t always be sure how it’s supposed to be pronounced.

  • PyPI: pie-pee-eye
  • PyPy: pie-pie
  • wsgi: wizz-gy
  • nginx: engine-x

Did you go to DjangoCon 2011? What are your thoughts?

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